03/31/2022 2:18pm

We have journey'd down many roads to find ourselves here, learning how to market our business. Yes we knew how to make Facebook and Instagram posts. We knew how to write social media content. We didn't know how to create beacons for proximity marketing. We didn't know how to test ads, or run sweepstakes, read analytics, optimize video and link all these together to get better organic SEO rankings. 

Yes it is still work. Anything that pays the dividend you want will require some effort. We aren't here to blow smoke up your backside. Social Media management is work, BUT - it can be organized and scheduled, implemented with time saving tools and measurable results. 

What does all this mean to someone who doesn't understand it?  It means nothing!  Don't let it scare you. Call us and let's just talk about your business. Do you need lead generation or sales? Both?  Do you know how to shoot a video and edit it? Do you use Call To Action buttons or phrases?

With Social Bonfire you can create and schedule the social media content needed to increase profitability. How? Why? By putting your video, images and text in the hands of consumers, you put it where people spend 5 -7 hours a day. 

Here is a for instance. A roofing company wants to sell more roofs. They have hail tracking software and they can target who has the most potential to need a new roof. How do you reach the homeowner. Do you drive a hundred miles today ay $4 a gallon for fuel and knock on the doors of people who are at work - or do you use Social Bonfire to drop beacons (for proximity marketing) on the closest stores that sell tarps, roofing paper, shingles, etc. 

By utilizing Social Bonfires proximity marketing tools, you can deliver targeted social media content directly to the phone most people are logged into social media with. You ad or social media content can target people who come into the proximity of the beacon you have placed on stores who sell roofing materials. 

The door knocker went to 50 houses and at 25 houses, no one answered because they are at work. Of the 25 who did answer the door, 10 said "this is a no soliciting neighborhood" while 12 said no thanks we "know a guy."  This leaves 3 customers to try to sell to. Do they have to wait for a decision maker to come home? What is their closing ratio?  Have they been walking for an hour to find 3 people to talk to and close 1?

Contrast this to using social media content in the form of proximity marketing with short video ads that grab the viewers attention because your ad engages their potential need - a new roof because a hail storm hit the neighborhood last week. A husband and wife both go to get tarps and engage the beacon. They both get the ad on their phone. They check out your social media page where they find social media content driving them towards trusting your authority on the subject of roofs needing replacement due to hail damage. 

Without "selling" you are selling your brand, to each of them and creating trust they didn't get from the door knocker.  People will believe your social media presence before they will a random unbranded solicitor in a non soliciting neighborhood. They will see your ad again in the morning. The again tomorrow afternoon. Within 24 hours they have each heard or seen your name (top of the mind awareness) enough times to look at your pages more in depth. There they find social media content which uses video to help a homeowner identify potential roof damage from the ground. 

Before you have even set foot on their property, you have built trust and helped solve a problem - how do they know what to look for without climbing on the roof. Who are they going to call? the door knocker or the source that they can identify as trustworthy - address, phone, names, hours of operation, more and more content with information that builds trust. 

Now multiply this by 50 homeowners that all see the same thing because it is on every ones phone. That week put a few yard sale type signs with your brand on it in this neighborhood of 50 homes. Now they see your name again and the door knocker has long since been forgotten. 

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